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Are you certain pharmacists never make mistakes?

They do.

Protect your family and yourself. Identify your pills before you take them. Snap a photo of any prescription drug using your built-in iPhone camera and identify it immediately.

Introducing ID My Pill

Do you check your pills before you take them? You should.
Over 3.3 million injuries and deaths happen each year due to the
wrong pill being taken. Protect yourself and your family with ID My Pill.

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If your pharmacist gave you the wrong pill,

How would you know?

Do you worry that your pharmacist gave you the wrong pill? Are you concerned if you find a mysterious pill in your kid's bedroom? Do you have an overwhelming number of medications and just can't seem to keep them straight? There's an app for that. Using ID My Pill you can identify your prescription pills automatically. ID My Pill will give you peace of mind, immediately and safely.

ID My Pill Snap a Photo of a Pill

Identify pills in a snap

Snap a photo of your pill using your iPhone

Identifying your prescription pills could not be easier! Place the pill you want to identify on the printable recognition card and snap a photo of the card using the ID My Pill iPhone app. Your pill will be identified automatically!

ID My Pill Instant Pill Identification Results

Instant pill identification

Know for a fact you have the right pill

The ID My Pill iPhone app automatically identifies your prescription pill and provides drug fact information, including the name of the pill, manufacturer, and if there is potential for abuse and addiction. Compare the drug name to your prescription bottle to ensure the pharmacist gave you the right medication! Protect yourself and your family, click on the “Available on the App Store” button below to download the ID My Pill iPhone app.

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A Few Kind Words

“ID My Pill could not be easier. First, I placed the pill I wanted to identify on the recognition card. Then, I snapped a photo of the recognition card with my iPhone. Bam. Instant pill identification.”
— Patrick Nagle
“ID My Pill is a must have app for anyone who is taking medication.”
— Trisha Carile
“This could be the killer medical app of the year!”
— Aaron Altscher

ID My Pill: Recognition Card

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