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Mission Statement

ID My Pill's mission is to improve medication adherence and safety. Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are injuries that happen due to medication errors, such as the incorrect medication prescribed or the wrong dosage taken. It is estimated that 12.2% of all patients that visit a hospital in the United States will experience some form of ADE [1]. In fact, patients that experience an ADE have 50% higher rates of further hospitalization, 20% higher outpatient visits, and double the median healthcare costs [2]. Lastly, medication errors account for over 3.3 million injuries and deaths each year, costing up to $16.4 billion [3, 4].

The automatic and reliable identification of pills within images is a promising method to help physicians, patients, and emergency responders to reduce the number of ADEs. Not only could a physician ensure they are prescribing the proper medication, but the patient could later confirm that the pharmacist had indeed given them the correct tablet.

Similarly, in an emergency situation where paramedics are responding to a prescription drug overdose, they could identify the drug using the ID My Pill iPhone app and potentially administer another drug to reverse the overdose.

Most importantly, reading the name of the medication off the dosage bottle does not guarantee that the pill inside the bottle is indeed the that medication.

ID My Pill is dedicated to prescription drug safety. In order to reduce medication errors and improve medication adherence, the ID My Pill iPhone app allows you to snap a photo of any prescription drug using your built-in iPhone camera and identify it immediately. Instant pill identification. Protect the health of you and your family and use the ID My Pill iPhone app.


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Our Team

Adrian Rosebrock

Adrian Rosebrock

Adrian Rosebrock is the owner and managing partner of ID My Pill. He received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2010. He received his Ph.D at the same institution in 2014, specializing in computer vision, machine learning, and ensemble methods. He has co-authored publications related to pill identification, including Automatic Identification of Prescription Drugs Using Shape Distribution Models, which has been featured in Gizmodo and New Scientist.

Press Kit

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ID My Pill started in the Fall of 2010. I was finishing up my undergraduate work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, taking my first computer vision class. Instead of a final exam, students were asked to create a final project utilizing what they learned during the semester. The professor suggested I create a small piece of software to analyze pill images.

Afterwards, I moved on to my PhD work, but I never forgot about that project. I never forgot the insight I gained. And I couldn't help but think that there was huge potential in this project — if I could only get it to work. A few years passed. I've worked in a handful of startups while continuing work on my PhD. But every now and then I would come back to the pill project, mostly on weekends when I needed a break from whatever else I was working on.

Finally, during the Spring of 2013, I made a commitment. Now was the time to act. Now was the time to build ID My Pill. A few months later, here we are. If there was ever a project I was excited about — it's this one. If there was ever a project I was passionate about — it's this one. ID My Pill started over three years ago in a small classroom. It's been wonderful, it's been trying, and it's been downright exhausting at times, but it's been worth it. I hope you enjoy ID My Pill as much as I've enjoyed the ride.

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