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ID My Pill: A Digital Assistant for Nurses

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

Working in a hospital can be extremely stressful, especially for nurses. Besides working long hours, they must contend to every order doctors give them, and some doctors can be quite difficult to deal with.

To add to their long list of responsibilities, they must take care of the patients. Like doctors, some patients can also be difficult.

So, no matter how nerve-wrecking these two groups of people are, nurses must perform efficiently in their job duties — minus any errors. In fact, there is no room for medical errors.

Shall a nurse make any medical errors he or she is jeopardizing ...

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The Burden of Looking Up Medication in Reference Books

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

Remember those bulky things we kept on bookcases called books? They're still around, but they're fast becoming a thing of the past. This is because the internet is now more widely read than books.

Nonetheless, for many decades we used books to find information on everything, including medications. We accepted this as the normal way of looking for information because it was all we had in those days.

With the internet now being the main source of finding information, why would anyone bother with books? This is particularly questionable in regards to medical reference books.

As a matter ...

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Caregivers Need the ID My Pill iPhone app to Protect Their Baby Boomer Patients

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

With the baby boomer generation aging, it's unfortunate yet true that the need for caregivers will increase. There will be people in this vibrant generation whose declining health will make them incapable of taking care of themselves. As a consequence, they'll need the assistance of a caregiver for their daily needs.

At such a time, they will be taking medications. Of course, it will be the responsibility of the caregiver to administer their medications. The problem of this task arises with the stress level of the caregiver.

The Stressed Out Caregiver

It's common to be stressed out ...

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Press Release: ID My Pill iPhone App Identifies Your Prescription Pills In A Snap

Last update on Aug. 20, 2013.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

With ID My Pill patients can easily identify their prescription pills by snapping a photo with their iPhone’s built-in camera.

"Does your medication look different than it did last month? Should you be concerned?" asks Adrian Rosebrock, CEO of ID My Pill. "According to a recent study published by the American Medical Informatics Association, over 3.3 million injuries and deaths happen each year due to medication misuse. These injuries and deaths can be avoided by using the ID My Pill iPhone app to identify and validate your prescription pills before you take ...

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ID My Pill is the Answer to Doctors' Typos

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

In a sense, doctors function differently from us. They can pronounce medical terms that the rest us struggle with. They can also understand a medical condition firsthand while we need it explained in simpler terms.

Yet despite their medical intelligence, doctors do share a common problem with us: they can misspell words. Even in this computer age, where people do more typing than writing, doctors still misspell the very words they so easily pronounce.

While the misspellings created by non-medical individuals can cause little to no harm, a doctor's misspelling can contribute to tremendous damage.

This is because pharmacists ...

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Don't Cry Over Spilled Pills

Last update on July 29, 2013.

No matter how cautious you are, accidents will still happen. This is just a part of life that no one can prevent.

So, let's look at an accidental situation that can easily result in you spilling your prescription pills.

We're all guilty of this: trying to carry too much at one time. After all, we have a lot to do these days, so it's common to want to get as much done at once as possible.

In the case of spilled medication, you're carrying a handful of medicine bottles when suddenly you drop one, a few ...

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Have you seen the ID My Pill demo video?

Last update on July 15, 2013.

We just uploaded a demo video of the ID My Pill iPhone app identifying a Diovan tablet. You can watch the video here.

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The Domino Effect of Doctors' Poor Penmanship

Last update on July 2, 2013.

It may be a considered a joke, but it's true: many doctors have poor penmanship. They hurriedly write prescriptions so they can see all of their scheduled patients.

They don't even take time to dot an "I" or cross a "T"!

While doctors certainly have a justified reason for their hurried writing, it is indeed a problem with a domino effect. It triggers down to the pharmacists and patients.

The Domino Effect of Doctors' Poor Penmanship

Due to doctors' handwritings being illegible, pharmacists have an extremely hard time understanding the prescriptions they write for their patients.

This problem ...

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How the Pill Identifier App Can Help Baby Boomers

Last update on June 26, 2013.

The Baby Boomers Generation is the largest generation in America. If you were born in this group (1946-1964), you’re probably proud of the many accomplishments your generation contributed to society: civil rights, pop culture, feminist rights, etc.

Today, the world in which baby boomers live in is completely different from the one during their days of youth. For one, baby boomers are now in the retirement stage of their lives.

Also, unlike the 20th century, technology is the new way of running not only a business, but life in general.

Baby boomers willingly embrace this new way of life ...

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In Times of Stress and Forgetfulness, Rely on the Pill Identification App

Last update on June 19, 2013.

There's one fact everyone can agree on: life is stressful nowadays. And unfortunately the chance of it becoming less stressful is nonexistent.

This is because so many factors stress us out:

  • Job/career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health issues
  • Children

The list goes on!

We all know that stress affects our health. Even more, stress can cause forgetfulness.

While everyone forgets occasionally, stress related forgetfulness isn't a good thing. This is especially true when you forget what your medication is for.

Let's set the scenario here:

You've just been given several new prescription drugs by your doctor. However ...

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