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Automatically Validating Purchased Prescription Drugs Using ID My Pill.

Last update on May 2, 2013.

Prescription drugs are beneficial for many people, but if they are misused or confused with, they can be potentially fatal. Although all prescription drugs come in sealed bottles and sheets, there is always a risk of the pills being replaced or confused with other pills. When human effort is involved, there is always a high chance of error. With something as dangerous as prescription drugs, you cannot afford to take a chance. This is where you can use the iPhone app, ID My Pill. This app can instantly identify the pills that are in a bottle of prescription drugs, which are given to you by a pharmacist.

Why Validate Prescription Drugs

When there is something as dangerous as prescription drugs involved, you have to be very careful. This is one of those situations where double checking also might not be enough. You may have check multiple times before you take the pills. Your health and well-being is on the line and you cannot afford to take risks. In case of bottled prescription drugs, the pharmacist is responsible for refilling or filling a new bottle with pills. Although they are careful most of the time, there might be instances when the pills might be confused or changed. But you cannot take a chance. This is where validating your prescription pills is necessary.

Also, if you re-check that the pills in hand are the same as that you have been prescribed, you have the peace of mind about the pills you are taking. This will reduce the stress, which might inhibit the proper effect of the pills also.

How Does ID My Pill App Work

The remarkable feature of the ID My Pill app is that you don’t have to worry about the complicated names, or the compositions of the pills that you have. All you have to do is access the ID My Pill app and take a picture of the pill that you have. The app, with the help of the internet, connects to an online database. This database has information about almost all type of pills, prescription and non-prescription, which are available today. Using advancements in the image processing field, the app compares the picture you have taken with the pictures in the database. Then, the corresponding name and other details about your pill are displayed on your mobile screen.

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