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How a Pill Identification App Can Benefit Your Medical Needs

Last update on May 22, 2013.

The average person takes lots of pills either for medical reasons or to stay healthy. Regardless of your reasons, it never hurts to have something to help you with this medical task. In this case, a pill identifier app is a good choice.

Six Reasons to Use a Pill Identification App

A pill identification app is favorable for you for the following reasons:

1. With a pill identifier app, you can show your medications to your doctor or pharmacist.

This is purposeful when you’re switching doctors or pharmacists. Or there could be a situation where your records are lost, especially since most doctors and pharmacies are transferring from paper files to online documents.

2. If an emergency occurs, paramedics can review your app and see what medications you're on.

You never know when a medical emergency will occur. When it does, you won’t be in the physical condition to tell medical emergency staff what medications you’re on. A pill identification app will take care of this; for it will have all of your medications listed.

3. If you forget which pill is for what condition, you can review your pill identifier app.

There are times when you simply forget what medication is for what medical condition. You don’t mean to forget, yet it happens. With a pill identifier app, it doesn’t matter if you do anymore. Simply look at your app and quickly learn the purpose of the medication you’re taking.

4. A pill identifier app is a big help for caregivers.

The majority of caregivers’ patients take a lot of medication. Given this, caregivers need to be capable of identifying interactions between drugs that could possibly be complex. This is how a pill identification app comes in handy: it automatically identifies pills; eliminating the need of looking them up in a textbook.

5. A pillbox is no longer necessary.

Most people place their medications in pillboxes labeled Sunday – Saturday. While putting all your pills into a pillbox seems convenient, it can be problematic. The problem arises when the pills aren’t in their bottles anymore; thus, leaving you unable to identify what each individual pill is for. With a pill identifier app, individual pills are distinguished prior to being combined with other pills.

6. A check and balance is capable.

You, your pharmacist and doctor are all on the same accord: making sure you get the right medication. However, mistakes can happen; sometimes the labels on the medication bottles mismatch the pills inside. This is avoided with a pill identifier app. This enables you to make sure the prescription your doctor wrote for you is correctly filled by your pharmacist.


Overall, a pill identification app is just as good as the medication you’re taking to better your health. It’s a definite must-have app.

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