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How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Use ID My Pill

Last update on June 3, 2013.

ID My Pill is a useful app for identifying exactly what a pill is and what its applications are. Other than prescription drug users who can verify their medications using this app, law enforcement officials are also sure to find ID My Pill to be a valuable asset in their work. For those law enforcement agencies that have to deal with drug use and distribution, this easy-to-use app can help verify the composition of a drug/pill and reveal if it is a safe one.

Quickly Determine FDA Schedule

Using the ID My Pill iPhone app law enforcement and border patrol can quickly determine if a drug has potential for abuse. Police officers and border patrol can simply open the ID My Pill app, snap a photo of the medication in question, and immediately identify the prescription drug, including the drug classification.

Avoid Costly Mistakes in Law Enforcement with ID My Pill

Dealing with drug abuse is part of the job for many law enforcement officials. Whether it is apprehending an individual suspected dealing with harmful drugs, having to restrain someone who is acting under the influence of drugs, or taking someone in for "possession", a cop may face many situations where drugs come into play.

One of the biggest challenges the cop faces in such situations is that the officer has no way of immediately verifying whether the drug in the possession of an individual is harmful or not. As a result of this inability, the law enforcer may be forced to allow a guilty person to walk away for lack of proper evidence. With ID My Pill, law enforcement officials can instantly find out the composition of a pill found in the possession of an individual and determine if it is a narcotic, a commonly abused prescription drug, or a pill that the individual has been taking on his/her physician’s orders.

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