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How a Pill Identifier App Can Help School Officials

Last update on June 5, 2013.

It's sad yet true: today's children have more health issues than children from past generations. It's nothing to hear about a child suffering with medical conditions such as obesity, asthma, juvenilia diabetes, or high blood pressure.

And these are just a few medical conditions!

Regardless what type of medical condition a child is suffering with, a pill identification app is a great asset for teachers, school nurses, and other school administrators to download onto their iPhones. This is because a child can become sick at school at any time.

Since a child's parents aren't present at school, it's falls onto the child to explain what medications he or she takes for their illness.

However, there are two problems with this situation:

  • They might be too young to know the exact pronunciation or spelling of their medications
  • Their sudden illness might leave them incapable of speaking

Fortunately the pill identifier app will solve both of these problems.

How the Pill Identifier App Works

As you know, the pill identification app is a software application that identifies any medication a person takes. It relies on an online database, which has extensive information on prescription and non-prescription pills.

All you have to do is take a snapshot of the pill using a built-in iPhone camera. The pill's picture is compared to pills listed in the online database. When a match is found, the pill's name and purpose is revealed on your mobile screen.

So, let's say a child unexpectedly gets sick in class. If after locating the child's medication, the teacher isn't sure what illness their student's medication treats, he or she can simply take a snapshot of the pill with the pill identification app, and wait for a matchup.

This is also helpful to medical emergency — if your child should need an ambulance. You can explain to the paramedics what you've discovered in regards to the medications.

So, anyone employed at a school — elementary, middle, or high school – needs to download this app. You never know when a medical crisis will occur and you have to take on the role of lifesaver. And with the pill identification app, you'll be prepared to save a life.

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