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How a Pill Identification App can Guard You Against Pharmacy Errors

Last update on June 19, 2013.

No matter how much you trust your local pharmacist, they are human. Therefore, they're prone to make mistakes. Unfortunately their mistakes can involve dispensing the wrong medications to patients.

Such errors can cause harmful situations such as worsening a person's illness. Prescriptions errors can even cause death.

Simple Solutions Aren't the Best Solutions

You can avoid prescription errors by telling the pharmacist your name and address. However, neither of these solutions is safeguarded.

There are reasons for this too:

  • You could have either a similar sounding or exact same name as another customer
  • Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans; therefore, they don't listen as much to others as they once did
  • They could be having an extremely stressful day; thus, making them incoherent

You can show proof of identification before getting your prescriptions; however, this method fares no better. This is because the pharmacist could simply glance at your ID card instead of carefully reading the information.

So, there's only one solution that safeguards you from prescription errors: using a pill identification app.

The Pill Identification App: The Best Solution

You don't want to arrive home and discover that the pharmacist gave you the wrong medication. Even worse, you don't want to take this medication!

It's fortunate that in these days of technology, you no longer have to worry about these situations occurring. All you have to do is download the pill identifier app onto your iPhone.

With the pill identification app, you can take a snapshot of the medication you've just received with your iPhone. The pill identifier will then scan its image against images stored on its database.

When a match is found, it will immediately give you information about your medication. As a result, you'll know whether you have the right prescription drug.

It's a good idea to use the pill identification app before leaving the pharmacy. This will enable you to alert your pharmacist immediately of their errors without having to return later.

Errors will occur, including in medicine. However, with the pill identification app, those errors can be corrected without further harm coming through.

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