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How the Pill Identifier App Can Help Baby Boomers

Last update on June 26, 2013.

The Baby Boomers Generation is the largest generation in America. If you were born in this group (1946-1964), you’re probably proud of the many accomplishments your generation contributed to society: civil rights, pop culture, feminist rights, etc.

Today, the world in which baby boomers live in is completely different from the one during their days of youth. For one, baby boomers are now in the retirement stage of their lives.

Also, unlike the 20th century, technology is the new way of running not only a business, but life in general.

Baby boomers willingly embrace this new way of life and are eager to learn how to use technology such as the iPad, iPhone, internet, etc. In fact, it’s nothing to see a retired baby boomer socializing on Facebook!

It’s Good to be a Tech Savvy Baby Boomer

It’s good that baby boomers are tech savvy; for as they age, their health begins to decline. With declining health come medications - lots of them.

Having several medications can sometimes lead to mistakes; particularly on the pharmacist’s part. In other words, although a pharmacist has record of your prescriptions, an error can still occur.

After all, pharmacists are human.

Nevertheless, receiving the wrong medications can be harmful. Fortunately errors can be corrected – courtesy of the pill identifier app.

Introducing the Pill Identifier App for Baby Boomers

With the pill identification app, baby boomers experiencing doubt about their medications can check it for themselves. Simply take a snapshot of the medication in question with their iPhone, and wait for its image to be identified in a database of prescription drugs.

Once the medication’s image is found, it will appear on the recipient’s iPhone; thus, providing information about what the drug is for.

As a result, you’ll spare yourself from being harmed with the wrong medication.


Technology is a good thing, especially when it saves lives. And baby boomers are proving this to be the case.

By taking time to learn something valuable in their golden years, once again, baby boomers are showing the rest of us what they can do as a generation.

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