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The Domino Effect of Doctors' Poor Penmanship

Last update on July 2, 2013.

It may be a considered a joke, but it's true: many doctors have poor penmanship. They hurriedly write prescriptions so they can see all of their scheduled patients.

They don't even take time to dot an "I" or cross a "T"!

While doctors certainly have a justified reason for their hurried writing, it is indeed a problem with a domino effect. It triggers down to the pharmacists and patients.

The Domino Effect of Doctors' Poor Penmanship

Due to doctors' handwritings being illegible, pharmacists have an extremely hard time understanding the prescriptions they write for their patients.

This problem only worsens. If the pharmacist cannot read the medication name properly, they may fill your prescription in correctly! Furthermore, the poorly written medication could appear to have a similar spelling name to another medication.

Such an occurrence is called an "Adverse Drug Event" and can not only lead to a patient getting very ill, but also dying.

Thank goodness this can be avoided!

ID My Pill: The Best Resolution to Poor Penmanship

Patients can protect themselves by downloading the pill identification app. With this app, you can check out the medication you've just received from your pharmacist.

Simply take a snapshot of the prescription drug and wait for the pill identification app to find its image in its large database of prescription drugs.

Upon making a match, it will present you with extensive information on the drug. As a result, you'll know whether or not you have the right medication.


There's no need to switch doctors because yours has poor penmanship. After all, this is a common problem among doctors.

As long as you have the pill identifier app, you're in good hands.

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