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ID My Pill is the Answer to Doctors' Typos

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

In a sense, doctors function differently from us. They can pronounce medical terms that the rest us struggle with. They can also understand a medical condition firsthand while we need it explained in simpler terms.

Yet despite their medical intelligence, doctors do share a common problem with us: they can misspell words. Even in this computer age, where people do more typing than writing, doctors still misspell the very words they so easily pronounce.

While the misspellings created by non-medical individuals can cause little to no harm, a doctor's misspelling can contribute to tremendous damage.

This is because pharmacists mistake the misspelled medical word as being the right prescription for the patient. Keep in mind pharmacists don't have knowledge of a patient's medical history. Therefore they must trust that what the doctor prescribes in their writing or typing as being the right medication.

Unfortunately, this medical error worsens. A doctor's negligence — be it due to rushing or just a poor speller — can result in one of the following consequences:

  • Illness
  • Permanent damage to one's health
  • Death

If only doctors would take time to check their spellings or learn how to properly spell the medications they prescribe! However, with society being in a bigger hurry now than it was twenty years ago, this is unlikely to happen.

That's why it's good that technology has advanced in the past twenty years. It's advanced to the point that you can check your own medication, and for the sake of avoiding damage to your health, this is an excellent advancement!

How the ID My Pill iPhone App Helps with Doctors' Spelling Errors

You know what's wrong with your health. So, given this information, you can use technology to guide you in making sure you have the right medication for your health issue.

So, introducing the ID My Pill iPhone app. With this app, you can take a snapshot of the medication you've received from the pharmacist. The app will search its large database of prescription drugs to find the medication's matching image.

Upon a match, you will have the prescription's name and its medical purpose. So, if you're suffering with an ear infection, yet the ID My pill app shows your medication treats epilepsy, you definitely want to alert the pharmacist you've been given the wrong medication!


Doctors are human, so they are prone to make mistakes. Fortunately the ID My Pill app is technology that doesn't fail so easily to correct the errors caused by man.

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