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ID My Pill didn’t recognize my medication. What now?

by Adrian Rosebrock  June 14, 2013, 3:18 p.m.

Answer: There are a number of reasons why ID My Pill may have not recognized your medication. First, it’s important to understand that ID My Pill works by analyzing the imprint, markings, and texture of your pill. These imprints and markings are sometimes very subtle and hard for your iPhone camera to pick up. The suggestions below will help you use ID My Pill and ensure your medications are identified correctly.

Optimal Lighting Conditions

While ID My Pill attempts to correct for various lighting conditions, you should snap pictures of the recognition card under diffuse, overhead lighting areas, such as an overhead fluorescent lit room. Most importantly, when you take a picture of your pill, ensure the imprint/markings are as clearly visible as possible - this will help ensure ID My Pill can recognize your medication.

Turn Off Flash

If you have the flash turned on, turn it off. The flash will over illuminate the recognition card and wash out the imprints of the pill, making it impossible for ID My Pill to recognize.

Focus Camera

ID My Pill attempts to automatically focus your iPhone camera; however, tapping your phone where the black square of the recognition card is (but not on the pill itself) can help focus the camera and allows ID My Pill to pick up on those subtle, hard to read pill imprints.

Our Database is Growing

Currently, ID My Pill recognizes over 5,000 of the most common prescription pills in the United States. We are adding more and more pill images each and every day, but it is possible that we do not have a reference image for your pill.

Contact Us

If your pill is still not identified after trying the suggestions above, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to help.

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